Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Scenes from Disney's Gus (1976)

Here are some screenshots from Gus. We've identified some of the California Atoms players, but could use help on some others. See if you fans can identify any of the players used as extras.
Dick Butkus as Rob Cargil
Atoms versus the Green Bay Packers
Atoms versus the Los Angeles Rams
Rams WR Harold Jackson as Atoms player
Eddie McMilliam, Cody Jones and Fred Dryer as Atoms Player

Richard Kiel intimidates Butkus

Cody Jones (center) and Jim Jodat of the Rams as Atoms player
Player on far left is as of yet unidentified

Rick Kay (left) and LawrenceMcCutcheon (right).
 #61 is unidentified

McCutcheon (left) and Dryer (right) Middle player is
as of yet unidentified

Dryer (left) Harold Jackson (#24) others not
identified as of yet.

Johnny Unitas as huimself in broadcast booth

Unitas and Bob Crane as "Pepper"

#73 is LA Ram Charlie Cowan

Don Knotts and Ed Asner as the coaches

Rick Kay as Atoms linebacker

Jim Peterson as Atoms linebacker

Dick Butkus as Atoms linebacker

Don Knotts and Butkus

Gary Grimes as Andy Petrovic.
Player on right resembles Night Train Lane


Cowan left. Others unknown

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