Monday, September 15, 2014

Bernie Casey in Hollywood

Former 49ers and Rams flanker Bernie Casey has a remarkable Hollywood Career. We highlight a few.

It began with Guns of the Magnificent Seven as a character named Cassie

tickticktick… came in 1970 and Casey starred with Jim Brown in this one.

He had a couple of other roles, then in 1971 he played J.C. Caroline Brian's Song (TV Movie)
He starred with David Carridine and Barbara Hershey in Box Car Bertha in 1972
Another noteworthy role was in 1972's Gargoyles (TV Movie) as "The Gargoyle"
He was the lead in Hit Man as Tyrone Tackett

He also starred with Jim Brown in Black Gunn as Seth
He starred as Reuben in Cleopatra Jones 
He starred as Mauice Stokes in 1973's Maurie:
In 1976 he starred in Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde as Dr. Henry Pride
The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) was his next project and it included a nude scene:
 Brothers (1977) 
Ring of Passion, Casey played Joe Louis
A TV series Harris and Company Mike Harris was in 1979

The Martian Chronicles (TV Mini-Series) as Major Jeff Spender aired in 1980
In 1981 he was Burt Reynold's partner "Arch" in Sharky's Machine 
He starred in Never Say Never Again as Agent Leiter with Sean Connery a this 007 film

The Fantastic World of D.C. Collins (TV Movie) as J.T. Collins in 1984, and he co-starred with Fred Dryer.
Also in 1984 he was U.N. Jefferson in Revenge of the Nerds 
In 1985 he was Colonel Rhumbus in Spies Like Us 
In a spoof on Black Exploitation films he played John Slade in I'm Gonna Get You Sucka 
1989 brought his role as Mr. Ryan in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 
In 1994 he played Commander Calvin Hudson in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV Series)
The Glass Shield in 1994.  Bernie Casey starred with  Ice Cube.

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