Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Gene Washington in the Movies

49ers wide receiver Gene Washington had a couple of plum roles. He was really the lead biker in The Black Six, and had a key role in an episode of Banacek, a TV series with George Peppard.

Here are a few stills from The Black Six playing "Bubba Daniels": 

And from Banacek as "Clay Mills":

And his longest scenes in Banacek:

This one opens with John Brodie as "Richie Mulligan" and finished with Gene's scene.

And after the big "reveal; "Right on Banacek"

In 1975 Washington was the lead actor in Lady Cocoa. In this one Washington even gets  to fire a gun and had a love scene with nudity and all.

Here are a few clips. Sound quality is very poor:
For a more complete filmography click over to IMDB.

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