Monday, March 9, 2015

Defensive Linemen and Hollywood: Lyle Alzado

It was easy to see that Lyle Alzado was a big personality and that a move from football to Hollywood was a natural fit. He had a lengthy resume which can bee seen HERE:

Alzado's first film was in the kid's film The Double McGuffin where he played an assassin alongwith fellow NFL defensive linemen Ed Jones. He had several small roles through 1985 when he was still in the NFL.

In 1986 he starred in Oceans of Fire, as a team member meant to save oil rigs from underwater fires.
Oceans of Fire:
The next year he played "Iron Butt" in the TV series The Highwayman:
The Highwayman:
Alzado's biggest film is now a cult classic called Destroyer. He plays a man who survived the electic chair and took revenge on the world.

He landed a role as a teacher in Learning the Ropes a syndicated television show.
Learning the Ropes:

Who's Harry Crumb? Was yet another role.

Earnest Goes to Camp:

Comrades in Arms:
Neon City:

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